Therapy of hand and fingers
DigiTrainer is a system for therapy of sensory and motor functions of the hand

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DigiTrainer – Therapy of sensory and motor functions of the hand

DigiTrainer is a therapy device for motor and sensory rehabilitation of hand and fingers. It mobilizes fingers with limited degrees of movement and helps to treat high muscle tone. The principle of action is unique: It is based on the combination of vibration, movement and pressure. The vibration promotes perception and blood circulation of hand and fingers. Furthermore the DigiTrainer stretches and massages every finger, while fixing them with mild pressure.

RehaDigit - mode of action
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Individual settings

DigiTrainer offers individual adaption of the therapy. The position and angle of the ergonomic hand rest can be adjusted to suit the patient’s needs.

adjustment options of DigiTrainer
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two different versions of DigiTrainer are available

Why DigiTrainer

DigiTrainer supports the therapy with its unique mode of action. No other device offers such a targeted sensorimotor rehabilitation. Patients with good cognitive performance can operate DigiTrainer independently using touch display. The therapy device has shown to be effective, further information click on studies.

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