Therapy of hand and fingers
DigiTrainer is a system for therapy of sensory and motor functions of the hand

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Arm Studio to intensify upper limb rehabilitation after stroke: Concept, acceptance, utilization and preliminary clinical results.
Buschfort, R., Brocke, J., Heß, A., Werner, C., Waldner, A. und Hesse, S. 2010. J Rehabil Med, Volume 42: 310-314.

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Effect on arm function and coast of robot-assisted group therapy in subacute patients with stroke and a moderately to severely affected arm: a randomized controlled trial.
Hesse, S., Heß, A., Werner, C., Kabbert, N. und Buschfort, R. 2014. Clinical Rehabilitation, Volume 28: 637-647.

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A new electromechanical trainer for sensorimotor rehabilitation of paralysed fingers: A case series in chronic and acute stroke patients.
Hesse, S., Kuhlmann, H., Wilk, J., Tomelleri, C. und Kirker, S. GB. 2008. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, Volume 5.

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