Therapy of the upper extremity

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The ArmLaboratory – Therapy from finger to shoulder

The arms have the greatest range of motion of all body parts. They form an open kinematic chain that allow to grab, move, feel, guide, transfer power, touch and more. What happens if the upper limb isn’t fully operative anymore due to injuries, diseases or symptoms of aging?

Innovative rehabilitation
Alternating, repetitive, motivating = Arm

HASOMED ArmLaboratory with DigiTrainer, Reha-Slide and BiManu-Track

For patients with functional deficits of the upper limbs, the arm laboratory is a well-matched and diverse therapy concept. Various movement patterns can be specifically trained with the DigiTrainer, Bi-Manu-Track and Reha-Slide.

All advantages at a glance: passive and active movement, unilateral and bilateral exercising, already applicable in early stages of rehabilitation, high training intensity and frequency, application for many indications. 

ArmLaboratory - Field of application