Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation

Owner-managed company

HASOMED GmbH is an owner-managed company focusing on neurological rehabilitation. Originally established in 1991 Kronberg / Taunus, the head office was relocated in 1995 to Magdeburg. Dr. Peter Weber and Matthias Weber are owners and CEOs of the company. HASOMED GmbH are a spin-off from the Department of Science of the Medical Faculty of the University Magdeburg. Thus the focus of activities during first years of establisment was on development and manufacturing of research technology.

Innovative products for neurological rehabilitation

Magdeburg is a city of neuroscience. This generative environment led to an accumulation of know-how in human resources and technologies within HASOMED GmbH. The company's capacity regarding the development of hardware, software and electronics led to products well established in the market for neurological rehabilitation. All products are distributed by HASOMED.

The company today

Due to the consequent and scientific development of our products, the HASOMED GmbH is a modern and economic company today. Our particular interest is an intense dialogue with hospitals, practices, and patients using our product. This philosophy has made us to one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of neurological rehabilitation.

Close cooperation with rehabilitation clinics

All products of HASOMED GmbH have been developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation with medical partners, especially with rehabilitation clinics and neuroscientists.

For 25 years, the system RehaCom has evolved and used for the rehabilitation of brain injured individuals. Nowadays RehaCom is market leader in computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation. It is available in 18 languages and distributed worldwide. About 90% of all neurological rehabilitation clinics throughout German speaking countries currently use RehaCom on a daily basis.

Partner for medical solutions

HASOMED are a founding member of the INNOMED society, an organization of companies in Saxony-Anhalt working particularly in the field of medical solutions. The aim of the society is to bundle capacities in order to promote the development and production of medical-technical devices and systems in Saxony-Anhalt.