Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation


Seal of approval by the Donors' Association for German Science 2016

The Donors' Association for German Science honors the research activities of HASOMED GmbH with the seal of approval "Innovative through research".

Hugo Junkers Innovation Award 2014

Award for “The most innovative project of basic research” in cooperation with the University Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology in Magdeburg, the Fraunhofer Institute IFF and the Dornheim Medical Images GmbH.

Entrepreneur’s honor of Magdeburg 2014

The honor for “Developing and marketing of the innovative medical technology products” to strengthen the development of economy and science in Magdeburg.

IQ Innovation Award Central Germany 2014

Award for “Innovation in the development of inertial sensors” in the gait analysis and gait therapy.

Bestform-Award 2013

Award for “Outstanding developments of creative minds and the economy” in cooperation with Stefan Griebsch for the development of a new mobile therapy device.

AVW Entrepreneurs Award 2013

Award for “Successful products in neurological rehabilitation” in the category “Middle class successful through science”.

Hugo Junkers Innovation Award 2006

Award for “Successful products of cooperation between economy and science” for the product RehaStim

RehaCare Innovation Award 2005

Award for “Innovative Products” by the Trade Fair Dusseldorf and the Research Institute Technology and Disability (FTB) for the Product RehaStim.