Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation

Dysphagia rehabilitation solution with biofeedback available!


Practice swallowing with biofeedback to help reorganize the cortical swallowing process!

Under the product name "RehaIngest" HASOMED offers a portable system specifically designed for Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) to enable their patients to visualize swallow activity. Based on an unique EMG and Bioimpedance measurement RehaIngest offers engaging biofeedback exercises. RehaIngest gives SLPs more power than ever to help patients recover from swallowing difficulties.
Advantages at a glance:
1. most reliable swallowing detection thanks to EMG + Bioimpedance
2.  long-term swallowing behaviour measurable up to 8 hours
3. data dashboards and reporting tools to evaluate and document therapy progress
4. with breathing measurement and training (optional) available

Highlight:  Motivating biofeedback skill and strengthening trainings with a large number of games. Each swallow gets evaluated and controlled by automatic swallowing detection.