Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation

New Team Member for the Asia Pacific Region


We hereby announce the appointment of Mr. Lai Bou Leong as our Asia Pacific Manager. Mr. Lai Bou Leong is situated in Singapore, and is concurrently Regional Director - Asia at the NeuroCare Group (  HASOMED┬┤ s arrangement with Mr. Lai Bou Leong is aimed at enhancing our presence and attention in the Asia Pacific market.

In a close collaboration with our Head of National and International Sales, Dorothee Schl├╝ter and the International Sales Manager, Ferry Tomaszyk , Mr. Lai Bou Leong will set the goals for HASOMED in the Asian/Pacific market for the next years. In a trusting cooperation with our distributors he will discuss and organize what work needs to be done to meet those goals. He has an integrating function and will establish appropriate targets and yardsticks. He is aimed to enhance our understanding about the specific needs in your markets and will strengthen our presence in Asia.