Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation

New version: RehaCom 6.9 released


HASOMED has released RehaCom 6.9. In the software for cognitive therapy and rehabilitation training modules have been revised and extended.

In RehaCom 6.9, the Reaction Behaviour Module (REVE) has been revised to offer patients new training incentives.

RehaCom is now available in version 6.9. With the software update, HASOMED has completely revised the training modules "Reaction Behaviour" (REVE) and "Logical Reasoning" (LODE) and added cognitive training topics.

RehaCom 6.9 supports therapists in treating the consequences of strokes, craniocerebral trauma and cerebral haemorrhages, but also dementia, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, depression and addiction. The extended functions of the new RehaCom version provide new therapeutic stimuli for patients to be treated.