Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation

RehaCom and RehaIngest presented in Greece


Neuropsychologists discussed current research results and clinical experience in Athens in mid-October. The medical technology products RehaCom and RehaIngest were represented at the conference.

Two HASOMED GmbH therapy systems made a strong appearance in Greece at the end of October 2019: At a conference for neuropsychologists, the internationally renowned neuropsychologist Dr. Lambros Messinis presented his current study on the use and benefits of RehaCom. The study focused on patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).

Speech therapist Eleanna Virvidaki, trained at the renowned Boston University, shared her experience in dysphagia therapy with the 35 therapists at the conference. She uses RehaIngest for patient treatment and skill training. Furthermore, extended therapeutic features of RehaIngest like report and progress functions bringing additional value during the rehabilitation process.

HASOMED employee Ferry Tomaszyk was able to present directly in Athens what the two experts presented in theory: He was invited as keynote speaker and was able to present the application possibilities of RehaIngest and RehaCom to the guests of the conference in two workshops.