Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation

RehaCom is available in Japan now


With RehaCom, HASOMED GmbH has been on the market for more than 20 years. Kissei Pharmaceutical widens the possibilities of cognitive rehabilitation of patients in Japan now.

Computer-aided cognitive therapy made in Germany is now available for the Japanese healthcare system. Kissei Comtech, partner of HASOMED GmbH, distributes RehaCom in the East Asian country.

Japan's society is increasingly characterised by people of old age. RehaCom is ideal for training their cognitive performance. Day care and general care facilities will therefore form a sales focus. In addition, Kissei Comtec will introduce RehaCom for research facilities in Japan that deal intensively with questions of health development.

As HASOMED's sales partner, Kissei Comtech has long been focusing on the implementation of comprehensive community health care and a multidisciplinary exchange of information in the health care system.