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Mobile Gait - Mobile Gait Analysis for scientific purposes

RehaGait is a wireless gait analysis system, complete with a portable Windows tablet, for use on any flat surface. The RehaGait system allows you to gather comprehensive data to support your scientific research.

RehaGait with Inertial Sensors, Tablet PC and Software

We know that structured subjective observation is the cornerstone of gait analysis. Being able to eyeball gait from top to bottom and acknowledge any problems has long been seen as the quickest and most effective way. We think it is possible to do better.

RehaGait was designed to quantify the observation. This technology can be used to track interventions over time in the field of scientific research with a measureable reporting that is increasingly required to receive objective data.

The flexibility of the RehaGait system allows the user to get fast, accurate measurements in everyday situations.The RehaGait system includes easy to use analytic software that allows you to review the data quickly and accurately und to make adjustments to your study/research plans.